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Be Smart, Be Safe
It’s important for individuals to always keep their personal safety in mind, regardless of the situation. Of course, some activities are riskier than others, particularly meeting strangers off the Internet. For this reason, it’s important to consider the following safety measures when participating on the Kansas City Freecycle message board.
* Do not give out personal information in any e-mails that you post to the Kansas City Freecycle Network’s message board.

When you post an e-mail to the KC Freecycle group, it is sent out to all members of the list and archived (saved) by Yahoo. So, if you include your full name, home address, and/or phone number in any e-mails you send to the list, this information becomes public.

It’s a good idea to just include your general location (for example, “Stilwell” or “the Plaza”) in your original post (preferably in the subject heading). Only give out more detailed information when someone contacts you about your post and you’re arranging pickup with that single list member. Even then, only disclose as much information as is necessary, and nothing more. Communicate via e-mail whenever possible.

* If you’re meeting with another list member, ask a friend to accompany you. Remember the old saying that there’s safety in numbers!

* Rather than having a list member come to your home to pick up an item, arrange a meeting in a neutral public place. This way, you need not give out your home address. Again, take a friend to the meeting. The meeting should ideally take place during the day, in a well-trafficked area.

* If a member is coming to your home to pick up an item, make sure that you’re present. Don’t leave an item unattended in your yard, on your porch, etc., and tell fellow list members to come and pick it up at any time. After all, if you’re not home, you have no way of supervising what is taken. Members may intentionally or unintentionally take the wrong item or even cause damage to your property.

* If you feel uncomfortable with someone who responds to your post, by all means, don’t arrange a meeting with that person! Ultimately, it’s up to individual list members who they give their items to, and you can refuse a person for any reason.

* If a fellow list member acts in an inappropriate manner, please contact the moderators – we’re here to help! Harassment and threats are not tolerated on KC Freecycle, and all offenders will be banned from the list.
The Kansas City Freecycle Network doesn’t assume responsibility for its list members’ safety. While we will remove members who act inappropriately, we do not screen potential members or monitor individual members’ transactions off-list. Ultimately, individuals are responsible for taking the proper precautions when meeting with fellow list members and giving/receiving items. For more information, please refer to our Terms of Service, of which participation on KC Freecycle constitutes an expressed agreement:
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