Please note that the Kansas City Freecycle group located at shut its doors on July 24, 2010. This page, formerly hosted on, appears here for archival purposes only.
“Netiquette” = Etiquette on the ‘Net
Kansas City Freecycle List Netiquette

Greetings, fellow Freecycle members – welcome to Kansas City Freecycle!

Please read this document, as well as
the List Rules –
and Terms of Service (TOS) –
before participating in the group!

Participation in KC Freecycle constitutes an expressed agreement of all three. Please note that the Rules, TOS, and Netiquette are applicable both on- AND off-list!

Since this is a high-volume list with a large number of members, we’ve compiled a checklist of basic etiquette (“Netiquette”) that we’d like everyone to keep in mind when participating in the group. While breaches of Netiquette will not get one removed from the list, we reserve the right to place members on moderation (and return offending emails) if they continually disregard list Netiquette. If the moderators see that a member has sent out a message incorrectly, they will send a reminder to the member. This is not a strike or warning – just a friendly reminder regarding proper Netiquette.

Please refer to this document, as well as those listed above, BEFORE directing your questions or comments to us. If you have a question that’s answered in our List Rules, List Netiquette, or on our web sites, we expect you to do the necessary legwork and find it yourself! After all, we are volunteers, not customer service reps. 🙂
Kansas City Freecycle Network – List Etiquette (“Netiquette”)

(Just a few tips to keep the list running smoothly)
1) Subject headers should always use the following format: “Keyword: Item: Location”

Begin with one of the six keywords, below; follow with a brief description of the item you’re posting about; and end with your approximate location. For example: “OFFER: Felt: Stilwell”

OFFER: Sofa: Overland Park (When you have an item to give away)
TAKEN: Sofa: Overland Park (When you’ve given away the item)
WANTED: Felt: Waldo (When you’re requesting an item; limited to 1 email per calendar week)
RECEIVED: Felt: Waldo (When you’ve requested and received an item)
CURBSIDE: Washer: 31st & Broadway (When you’re “offering” an item you saw on the curb)
ADMIN: Looking for the member who was offering the felt (If you need to find a list member; Also used by the moderators to send announcements to the group)

The location included in the header can be in the form of a zip code, intersection, town, etc., but in general, the more specific, the better.

Please do NOT use your own keywords, such as “needed”, “claimed”, “promised”, “spoken for”, “rec’d”, “curb”, “idea”, “suggestion”, “moderator”, etc. – this makes it impossible for members to set up email filters.

Finally, please note that a “RECEIVED” should only be sent to the list when your “WANTED” is filled. If you’re the recipient of an “OFFER”, please thank the offeror off-list.

For general discussion, such as to share recycling tips, please join our sister list, the KC Chat Cafe:
2) When sending a post to the list, try to make your subject header as specific as possible. Instead of saying “OFFER: Assorted Items in Stilwell”, say “OFFER: Books, ornaments, misc. in Stilwell”. Members tend to delete emails with vague subject headers.
3) When following up on a previous post you made (that is, posting a “taken” after making an “offer”, or posting a “received” after a “wanted”), please try to either find the original message in the archives and reply to it or use the same item description. This makes it easier for everyone else to keep track of the list’s activity.
4) Please note that ONLY the person who offered an item should post a “Taken” message to the list. In other words, if you see an offer that interests you, DO NOT post it as “Taken” – after all, it’s up to the offeror to decide whether s/he gives it to you or not! Rather, you should contact the offeror off-list and request the item.
5) Offerors are free to use whatever method they’d like to choose a recipient. While many prefer to give the item to the first person to respond, we do encourage folks to mix it up a bit – this way, everyone benefits from Freecycle, not just those who are online 24/7. One of the biggest complaints we hear is that it’s impossible to receive items that are offered – so please (!), when you’re offering an item, experiment with different methods of choosing a recipient. Please try to only choose the first respondent when the item needs to be picked up ASAP! Also, members may choose not to give their items to resellers (members who plan on selling any items obtained on KC Freecycle), and/or to give preference to non-profits.
6) If you see a message that interests you, please respond to the person who posted it privately, off-list. You should only try to contact a member on-list if any private emails you’re sending to him/her are being returned to you (“bouncing”), in which case you should state this in your email. Don’t be concerned if you don’t receive a reply to your email – most offerors get so many responses that it’s difficult to reply to everyone individually. Keep an eye out for a “taken” on the message board.
7) When replying to a message, please cut and paste the text of the original message so that you only include the relevant information. This is especially important if you receive (and reply to) the Daily Digest version of the e-mail.
8) If you arrange to pick up or drop off an item, please follow through! Failure to do so is rude and may discourage the other party from freecycling unwanted items in the future.
9) Should any arguments or disagreements occur, please contact the moderators off-list so that we may act as mediators. DO NOT respond to the individual yourself, and don’t – under ANY circumstances – bring the argument on-list! Safety is VERY important to us, and we’d especially like members to bring any instances of harassment to our attention. Those acting in an inappropriate manner will be removed from the list. Tips on safety can be found at:
10) Please do not delete your posts from the message archive without prior approval. This makes our job of moderating the list just a wee bit harder. Also, if you’re deleting emails in order to circumvent the List Rules (as some have done in the past), keep in mind that we also have access to a “management” archive that shows us the posting history for the group – all deleted emails show up in this archive, along with records of who deleted what and when. So, in other words, we’ll still be able to see the offending post, along with your attempts to remove it!
11) Please note that e-mail attachments are not permitted. Any e-mails sent as attachments will be deleted automatically by Yahoo. This is both to protect against viruses, and because e-mail attachments are no longer archived (saved on the group’s site) by Yahoo.
12) If you go on vacation and set up an auto-reply with your email program, please be sure to set your group email options to “no email”, otherwise your replies may be sent to the list. In this case, we’ll have to place you on moderation so that we may delete the emails before they’re sent to all our members.
13) If you find that you’re receiving too much email, please set your email options to “Special Notices” (this way you can check the messages on the group’s site) or “Daily Digest” (you receive all the day’s messages in one large e-mail). Just go to , click on “edit my membership” (to the right of the page), and choose “Special Notices” or “Daily Digest” (under the “message delivery” heading). Please allow up to 72 hours for changes to take effect.
14) To unsubscribe, you can either edit your membership (“leave group”) on the group’s page or send a blank e-mail to Please allow up to 72 hours for unsubscriptions (this is out of our control – it takes Yahoo that long to process the requests), and do NOT send unsubscription requests to the list!
15) Please note that you may receive a reminder email for breaches of Netiquette. If you make the same mistakes several times, you will be placed on moderation, meaning that your messages will need to be approved by the moderators before they’re sent to the list. Once on moderation, any posts that breach the List Rules or Netiquette will be returned to you, and you will stay on moderation until the moderators determine that you’ve been consistently following List Rules and Netiquette. Please don’t email the mods asking when you’ll be taken off of moderation – that’s up to you, after all! The Rules and Netiquette may seem trivial, but in a group of 12, 000+ members, they’re essential for maintaining a manageable list. So please, respect the moderators’ time, as well as your fellow list members’, and learn the Rules and Netiquette BEFORE participating in the list!
16) For more on general Netiquette, please read “Netiquette”, by Virginia Shea: . We especially urge Yahoo Groups newbies to visit the site – it has tons of helpful hints on online etiquette. Also, if you’re confused by some of the terms used on the list, search the Net Lingo page for a definition: . Last but not least, be sure to bookmark the Yahoo Groups help page, , and refer to Yahoo’s help pages before bringing your questions to the mods.
If you have any questions or comments, you can visit our web page at or e-mail the moderators at kcfreecycle-owner [at] yahoogroups [dot] com. Due to the high volume of email we receive, we’re no longer able to respond to each one individually. However, we will take all comments into consideration and will attempt to answer questions in a prompt manner.

Ann, Craig, Debra, Shelly & Susan, KCF List Moderators &
Kelly & Shane, KCF List Owners

kcfreecycle-owner [at]
Last updated 7/26/10

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