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Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

You have reached the Kansas City Freecycle website! It is not to be confused with the Kansas City Freecycle Yahoo Group! While the same collective of folks maintains each, the two sites serve different purposes.

Here, you can find documents (rules, Netiquette, etc.) applicable to the KCF Yahoo Group. We also maintain a blog (the most recent posts of which appear right below this here welcome message), as well as a blogroll with links to local buy/sell/trade groups, environmental organizations, and the like. You cannot post OFFERs and WANTEDs here, nor do we respond to questions left as comments on individual blog posts. (You can, however, find the moderators’ contact information here.)


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Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

lolcats funny cat pictures

This is just a note to let y’all know that I’ve been tagging news items, blogs and such with the kcfreecycle delicious account, even though delicious hasn’t posted my daily link roundup here in several days. We’ve had this problem before, and all we can do is wait it out. Delicious will resume posting when it’s good -n- ready.

So in the meantime, if you want to see our latest links, go straight to our delicious account, here. Otherwise, keep checking back daily and enjoy the green lol kittehs in the meantime.



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Sunday, March 30th, 2008

delicious doesn’t seem to want to update the daily kcfreecycle links, so…until we get the problemo fixed, you’ll need to hit up our delicious account to see all the new linky goodness we’ve added for you! Hopefully we’ll have it up and running again soon.



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Thursday, May 17th, 2007

(Crossposted on kcfreecycle)

Hey there folks –

Your lurking list owner here, just popping in to tell y’all what’s new on the Kansas City Freecycle website,

The short version:

I decided to scrap the KC Animal Shelters & Rescue Orgs and KC Charity Database sections of the website; while the Charity Database is gone, I have created a new “Animals & Freecycle” page to replace the old database. I’ve also started a delicious account to keep track of “green” links and share them with readers of our blog (which is located on the main page of the website).

The long version:

1) The KC Animal Shelters & Rescue Orgs page (formerly located at used to house a searchable database of local KC area animal rescue groups and shelters. However, I hadn’t updated it in a loooong time, so the info was woefully out of date. Since creating it (years ago now), I’ve also discovered a number of national websites that provide similar services; for example, Petfinder allows users to search for an animal to adopt (by species, breed, sex, size, age, region, etc.), as well as view a list of local rescue orgs in any given area. So now, instead of maintaining our own database, I have a list of links to such websites; just look to the right hand sidebar under “Animal Adoption”, and you’re good to go.

The explanation of our no-animal policy, which also used to be located at, has been updated, expounded upon, and moved to our NEW “Animals & Freecycle” page at In addition to explaining why we don’t allow animals, it also provides info on how to rehome an animal yourself; adoption resources; and, perhaps most importantly, a list of contacts who can help you find an animal to adopt, rehome an animal you can no longer care for, find affordable veterinary care, deal with animal behavior issues, and more.

*** Now comes our call for “Animal Outreach Volunteers”.***

If you’re involved in the local animal rescue community, and you would like to offer your expertise to the Kansas City Freecycle community, please email me at kelly [at]

It’s pretty simple: I’ll just list your name, affiliation, and contact info (email address, phone number, or whatever else you feel comfortable providing) on our website under the question “Help! I’m having trouble finding a good home for my dog. Is there someone I can talk to?” ( Then members can email you with any questions or concerns they have regarding finding or rehoming a pet/animal (or otherwise caring for one).

Please, though, I’d like to limit this to folks with animal rescue experience. A love for animals, while admirable, isn’t enough here!

2) I decided to scrap the KC Charity Database ( for the same reason – not enough time or resources to update it. In lieu of our own database, I compiled a list of links to similar websites. Again, they’re listed on the main page of our website, on the right hand sidebar, under “Find a Charity”.

By the by, there are a ton of other links up there too; local enviro groups, KC Buy/Sell/Trade sites, Recall and Safety info, Reduce/Reuse/Recycle stuff – you’ll find it all! If you know of something that should be up there but isn’t, shoot me an email.

3) On the main page of our website are the latest blog entries. As you can see, we don’t post much; there have only been 20 posts since we started the blog last May! Even though I find tons of links and stories I’d like to share, I don’t really have much time to write a whole long entry. So. I’m going to try saving interesting “green” links I come across with delicious (, and then setting my delicious account up so that it posts those links to the KCF blog daily.

Until I get that set up, you can view the Kansas City Freecycle delicious account here:

Any questions?

Direct any website-related inquiries to me, the webmistress.

– Kelly G., Kansas City Freecycle List Owner
kelly [at]

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Thursday, August 24th, 2006

Hey there folks – just an FYI. The “comments” section on this website should only be used if you have a relevant comment on one of the individual blog posts. (For example, if you wanted to respond to this post with the comment “Umbra is wrong, wrong, wrong! I work at Goodwill and they absolutely do not bale and recycle damaged clothing!!!”)

General questions about the KC Freecycle Yahoo Group ( should be directed to the list moderators via email. Individual email addresses are listed on our About page, or – if you’d like to email all the moderators at once – send your inquiry to kcfreecycle-owner [at] yahoogroups [dot] com. To post an offer, wanted, etc., either send your post via the KCF Yahoo Groups site or to the email address kcfreecycle [at] yahoogroups [dot] com.

Comments that do not pertain to the blog post to which they were submitted will be deleted.

For more on blog terminology/etiquette, see

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Sunday, May 28th, 2006

UPDATE, 11/28/6: We’ve had a number of members submit questions to us using the “comments” function on individual blog posts. As previously stated, the “comments” section on this website should only be used if you have a relevant comment on one of the individual blog posts (particularly this, the first one). General questions about the KC Freecycle Yahoo Group should be directed to the list moderators via email (contact info here). Comments that do not pertain to the blog post to which they were submitted will be deleted.


Greetings, Freecycle ™ members. Welcome to the new (!) KC Freecycle website, now in blog format. Most of the materials that were previously located on our Yahoo Group site have been moved to this web site exclusively. This includes links to local KC area buy/sell/trade groups, enviro groups, and safety and recall info, as well as many of our list documents and instructions for joining the list. These links and documents can be accessed via the menu on the right side of this page. —>

Though the KC Freecycle moderators will still communicate with list members using the Yahoo group, this blog provides an additional means of communication. Feel free to check in every now and again to find out about site updates, events, and KC Freecycle in the news. However, this is entirely optional; all important ADMIN messages will be sent out to members on the Yahoo group first and foremost. For your convenience, you can also subscribe to our RSS feed using any RSS software, such as Bloglines or NewsGator.

For those who are unfamiliar with the blog format, you can learn about blogs at

Have a fun Freecycle ™ experience!
Questions? Comments? Points of discussion?

Email the mods at kcfreecycle-owner [at] yahoogroups [dot] com

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