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Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

Official: 29 Dogs Killed, Woman Held Captive For Months

HANCOCK COUNTY, W.Va. — A Hancock County man was arrested late Wednesday evening after, police said, he mutilated and killed 29 dogs and held a woman captive for several months.

Jeffrey Nally Jr., 19, is charged with 29 counts of animal cruelty, one count of domestic battery and one count of kidnapping. […]

Police believe Nally began killing the animals in January.

“Mutilated, skinned, anything you can imagine, ” said Chief Deputy Todd Murray of the animals. “[Nally used] everything from a crossbow, to a drill, saws to hammers. There were several means he used to [mutilate and kill the dogs].”

Murray added that it appeared the suspect used a different tool to kill each dog.

According to court documents, officers even found two dogs eyes in a mason jar.

“One dog had been shot several times. One dog had blunt force trauma to the head. One dog, we think, had its neck snapped, ” said Nicole Busick, Hancock County Dog Warden.

The dogs were killed inside of the home, according to Murray. Police believe that Nally got pleasure from making his victim watch as he tortured and killed the animals.

“After the dogs were killed, he would make her clean up, ” Murray said.

Three dogs were also found alive at the home. Police said the female told them all three were also set to be killed. One of the dogs rescued from the home was a black lab puppy. It had siblings that were killed.

Nally used classified ads to locate and obtain the animals, often finding people to willingly drop off their pets thinking they had found a good home, police said.

Police reported that he had been given many of the animals for free and had paid a small amount for the others.

“I’d like to give people the benefit of the doubt that they didn’t know what was going on, ” said Busick.

Most of the animals killed were puppies.

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Friday, September 24th, 2010

Hey, (ex-) freecyclers! Do you miss the daily dose of cuteness that was Featured Adoptable Wednesday? The lack of fuzzy wuzzy cats, dogs and bunnies got you down? Are you suffering from Petfinder withdrawal?

Fear not! While the Featured Adoptable column that was previously hosted in this here space is no longer, I’ve resurrected the feature on another blog. Behold: Find-a-Friend Friday! All the adorableness you’ve come to expect, but now with an occasional dose of social commentary. Also: writeups on Kansas City-area events, a focus on food justice, and more pizza than you can shake a beer at. Come for the nonhumans, stay for the food (which, incidentally, does not contain the bodies or secretions of exploited nonhumans!).


Guess what? Wiggle butt!
Photos courtesy Halfway Home Pet Adoptions.

This is Beetle, a sweet pit bull terrier boy, and our very first friend in need of finding. Head on over to the PPP blog to learn more about Beetle, or jump straight to his Petfinder listing.

Later, gators. (See you around, bloodhound?)

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Wednesday, July 21st, 2010


Smudge *hearts* Poppy. Smudge (left), a Hotot rabbit, is completely white, save for the small smudges of black dotting his ears. Poppy (right) is a more even mix of black and white, with an adorable black “mask” covering her eyes and ears. Photo courtesy of Missouri House Rabbit Society – Kansas City.

For this week’s edition of Featured Adoptables, I shall pull a rabbit out of my hat. Two rabbits, to be precise. And by “hat” I mean Petfinder, as rabbits clearly have no place in hats, or at least hats that are part of magic acts. Animals are not our entertainment, yo. But I digress.

Poppy and Smudge are a pair of rabbits – she, Dutch; he, from the Hotot family – who met and fell in love in their foster home (oh, talk about star-crossed lovers!). These two cuties need to find a family that will welcome them both. Maybe that’s you?

Poppy | Dutch | Small | Adult | Female | Rabbit

Poppy is an adult Dutch bunny. She was rescued by a good Samaritan who found her in a cage in Loose Park. Poppy was pregnant at the time; her babies were both adopted. She is very sweet, and is working on her litter habits. Poppy has been bonded with Smudge. If you would like to meet them, contact us at hrsmissouri [at]

Poppy is spayed/neutered.


Smudge lounges in his cage. His eyes, impossibly large, look as though they’ve been outlined with eyeliner. Photo courtesy of Missouri House Rabbit Society – Kansas City.

Smudge | Hotot | Small | Adult | Male | Rabbit

Smudge Smudge is a sweet and soft little hopper. As you can see he is very cute as well. He is ready to go home to a loving family who will take care of him. Smudge was just bonded with a beautiful chocolate Dutch bunny named Poppy. They are a very happy couple. If you would like to meet Smudge, contact us at hrsmissouri [at]

Smudge is spayed/neutered.

Get in touch with the MO House Rabbit Society to learn more about Poppy and Smudge, or to meet some of the other wonderful bunnies they have available for adoption. (Carlos and Maria, for example, are still in need of a forever home. Hint, hint, wink, wink. Yeah, yeah, so they’re staying with another rescue group, but my point stands.)


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Wednesday, July 14th, 2010


Jonathon, a fluffy, maybe-a-little-chubby-but-who-can-tell-what-with-all-that-fur, black and white cat rests his sleepyhead on the wheels of an office chair as he dozes off into dreamland. Photos courtesy Friends of Parkville Animal Shelter.

Jonathon, what a cutie! Do I love this little guy because he looks delightfully ornery, to wit:


Hell to the yes! Just look at that crankyface! Adorable.

But judging from his backstory, Jonathon has plenty of reasons to be grumpy. An ex-feral cat who is FIV+ and has diabetes (um, maybe?), Jonathon needs a compassionate family who can understand and accommodate his special medical and behavioral needs.

His foster peeps at Friends of Parkville Animal Shelter explain:

Meet Jonathon: This big boys story began one cold winters day when we did some trapping. We were trapping some kittens and also trapped him. We thought we would just TNR but when he went for surgery he was very beat up and needed medical attention. He was very WILD and also tested positive for FIV!!!!! We had to put his medicine in his food. With time Jonathon tamed down and he is now a good boy that you just have to understand not to push him over his limit but otherwise he loves to play and you can now pick him up and we would never think of releasing him now. He is enjoying the good indoor life with plenty of food and toys and people who love him. Jonathon just needs a real cat person to adopt him and let him rule the roost!

02-2009 We found out Jonathon is diabetic. He is in a foster home now and doing great. He will either stay at his foster home forever or until someone who knows about diabetic cats is wanting to adopt him.

04-2009 Jonathon’s diabetes went away but came back a month later. Jonathon is a calm, laid back guy who is just as cute and funny as can be! He gets along well with the other kitties in his foster home and enjoys looking outside. He is playful and quite a character! He likes to “headbutt” his humans and his kitty friends. Contact FOPAS to meet this sweet boy today!

If you’re that totally rad adoptive family that Jonathon has been waiting for, hop on over to the Friends of Parkville Animal Shelter’s Petfinder page for contact info and details.

And don’t let Jonathon’s FIV+ diagnosis scare you off, mkay?


Jonathon chillaxes with a feline tortoise shell playmate. Photos courtesy Friends of Parkville Animal Shelter.


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Saturday, July 10th, 2010


Perched atop some leaves, Gordon the Bearded Dragon stares past the camera. Photo courtesy MamaDori’s Jungle.

Ugh, late again! I should just change the Featured Adoptable from Wednesday to Friday. Or from Wednesday to whenever I bloody well feel like it. Ah, anyway. Enough with the griping. Let’s meet Gordon, shall we?


Gordon takes a sip from his miniature Gothic water fountain. Photo courtesy MamaDori’s Jungle.

Gordon LOVES to sleep on your shoulder!

Gordon is probably almost an adult male Bearded Dragon. He was brought here with no information. The person who had him had been feeding him 4 Dubia roaches every two weeks. It is amazing he lived through that. He needs to eat that much a day PLUS veggies and fruits. He also enjoys mealworms, crickets but they are not good for a regular diet. They are like lizard junk food.

Gordon loves people and he is not afraid of other animals. He loves to sleep on your shoulder. He is extremely tame. Now that he is eating properly, he is up on all fours and climbing and scampering around regularly. He has been taught to eat his food in a dish.

Gordon’s adoption fee is $200. Serious inquiries only. Please do your homework and know how to care for him before trying to adopt. He comes with an enclosure that is 6’X32’x20′. The enclosure is as big as a family couch! If it were gallons, it would probably be well over 100 gallon enclosure. He will come with heat lamp, light lamp, REpti-Cal, Dragon Dust, a very large piece of driftwood, fountain, and his favorite rock.

Gordon is currently staying at MamaDori’s Jungle in Hannibal, MO; while this might seem a long drive, Gordon is also the closest lizard to Kansas City who is currently listed as available for adoption on Petfinder. Iif I had to hazard a guess, methinks the reason for the paucity of homeless lizards is two-fold: these animals are less likely to be kept as pets and, when they are no longer wanted by their owners, they’re more likely to be released into the wild than surrendered to a shelter or rescue group (either of which can be hard to find – make that threefold!).

This is a terribly stupid thing to do, for a number of reasons: the animals are likely to die, with time spent in captivity inversely related to odds of survival; releasing non-native species into an area is both illegal and potentially ecologically catastrophic; and releasing native species is illegal without a permit. So don’t do it! If you find yourself with an animal you need to rehome – whether bird, rat, cat or snake – please get in touch with local rescue groups, or see our Animals & Freecycle page for a list of contacts. Please and thank you.

Oh, and as for Gordon: if you’d like to adopt this little cutie (hey, scaled creatures need love, too!), give MamaDori a call today!


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Saturday, July 3rd, 2010


Beagle/Jack Russell Terrier mixes Thelma and Louise investigate scents trapped in the gravel, nose-to-nose, as best friends do. Photo courtesy Beagles and More Rescue.

Originally, I’d hoped to do a holiday-themed adoptable this week – as in, highlighting a canine with a festively patriotic name like Independence, Liberty, Freedom, or even America – but apparently none of these are particularly popular dog names, as I’ve been browsing Petfinder for a half hour now with no luck! Instead, I’m going with two sweet girls who are named after the titular characters in one of my favorite movies – Thelma & Louise.

Thelma and Louise are the two most adorable sisters you could ever hope to meet. As you can see by the picture, they are joined at the shoulder. They always keep track of the other and don’t like to be separated so we’re hoping they can go to a home together. They are under 2 yrs old with plenty of energy though Louise helps keep Thelma calm. They are such great fun to play with and get in the back seat of the car when traveling and sit there like perfect ladies. If you see them together we a certain you won’t want to separate them. Currently we have these girls in boarding because we are short on fosters so if you would like to consider fostering them, that would be great too. Please don’t hesitate to contact us. Thanks!


One half of Thelma and Louise (though I’m not sure which girl is which). Photo courtesy Beagles and More Rescue.


The other half of our heroic duo. Photo courtesy Beagles and More Rescue.

Thelma and Louise are being cared for by Beagles and More Rescue in Overland Park, Kansas. If you’re reading this from, say, New Jersey or Minnesota, you’re in luck! Beagles and More does consider out-of-state adoptions.

And, because I’m a few days late with this week’s listing – and also because this dear boy deserves all the hugs and kisses and help he can get – we have a bonus adoptable this week: Andrew the poodle, from LL Dog Rescue.

6-2-10: Well there are just some dogs that come through that even if you have done rescue for years take your breath away. Andrew is one of those dogs. As you can see by the photos – it has been quite some time since this little man has felt anything besides pain and discomfort. He has a long journey ahead of him. We are hoping to at least give him a fighting chance. Needless to say – Andrew is a special case and will require quite a lot of medical treatment. If you would like to help with this – please send a donation. Even if it is only a dollar or two – it DOES make a difference!! Please make a note that it is for Andrew. He thanks you as do I.

6-28-10: Andrew is in foster care with 4 other senior toy poodles. He came in and acted like he had been there forever 🙂 Of course with limited site and hearing – it takes him a bit to figure out his surroundings. He loves to amble about in the yard – even wanders down the paths in the garden. He LOVES the fact that there are beds everywhere in his new home! After a stroll outside – he comes in and plops down in the middle of the bed and naps. As you can see by his current picture – his skin is sooooo much better. His eyes are better as well. He just had a dental and didn’t even loose any teeth. We opted to not fix his “cherry eye” due to the risks out weighing the benefits. We are so thrilled with how much Tomahawk Animal Clinic has done for our little man!!

Though the listing isn’t entirely clear, it appears as though Andrew was suffering from a skin condition (mange, perhaps?) when he first arrived at LL Dog Rescue, as you can see in the “before” photos:



Senior dog Andrew upon arriving at LL Dog Rescue. The poor would-be white-haired poodle’s fur is stained yellow and red. His face and snout are missing fur in large chunks, and the skin underneath is red and inflamed. This little guy has been through a lot! Photos courtesy LL Dog Rescue.

Thankfully, his treatment is progressing well, as evidenced in the “after” photo:


Dear Andrew has come a long way in a month! His face, thought still a little balding and pink, has healed considerable. His fur has begun to regrow, and it looks thicker and whiter than previously. Most importantly, Andrew has a silly happy grin on his mug. Now that’s what I like to see! Photo courtesy LL Dog Rescue.

If you’d like to adopt this lil’ guy – or contribute to his care – please get in touch with LL Dog Rescue today!


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Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

Update, 9/22/10: Sally’s listing is no longer available on Petfinder, nor is that of the Siamese kittens.


Sally the white Siamese mixed-breed cat.
Photo courtesy of the City of Gladstone Animal Control.

This week, I bring you not one, not two, not…bah, nevermind. Five! Today, I bring you five adoptable animals, all of them Siamese/mixed-breed kittens (plus one adult cat), all currently staying at the City of Gladstone Animal Control shelter.

First up is the lovely Ms. Sally (pictured above), an adult Siamese cat who is not related to the kitten siblings:

“Sally” was surrendered to the shelter because the dog in the household does not like cats. She is about two years old and already spayed. She is friendly and would make a great lap ornament!

Sally is house trained and spayed/neutered.

What a beautiful little lady, don’t you agree?

And then, the kittens! (squeal!):


Sitting at the door of their cage, four kittens peer at the camera with obvious curiosity. A white Siamese baby boy is flanked on both sides by three grayish-tan and white girls. Photo courtesy of the City of Gladstone Animal Control.

This litter is so sweet! The siamese looking kitten is a male and the other three kittens are females. All are very playful, friendly and fun loving. They are currently available.

I know, the listings aren’t especially detailed – but all this means is that you’ll have to make a trip over to the shelter to meet the animals for yourself…and hopefully you’ll return home with a furry new friend in tow!


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Monday, June 21st, 2010

Greetings, y’all. I just received the following alert from Spay & Neuter Kansas City in my inbox. As you may have already gathered from the post title, SNKC is holding a garage sale this August in order to raise funds for its local animal rescue activities, which include low-cost veterinary services, including dog and cat sterilization and vaccinations; educating animal guardians about proper animal companion care; and holding food drives and maintaining a food bank to benefit lower-income animal guardians. To learn more about SNKC, check out its website at

Please keep reading to see how you can help out with SNKC’s forthcoming garage sale, and contact Tamara at SNKC for additional details. Additionally, SNKC is always in need of volunteers, for example, to help out with its spay and neuter clinics. You can keep up-to-date with SNKC’s events and volunteer needs by joining its mailing list (go to; sign-up is in the right-hand sidebar) or by following SNKC on Facebook or Twitter.

Finally, I’ve noticed a few offers of unwanted dog and cat food on the Kansas City Freecycle list in the past week or two. Should you find yourself with excess food (or other dog and cat supplies), please consider donating it to SNKC’s food bank. My husband dropped off a few bags of dog food last week, and reported back that the bank is running dangerously low on food. You can find out more about the program here: and here:

Many thanks!

Mark Your Calendar

Spay & Neuter Kansas City will be hosting a garage sale on Saturday, Aug. 7th, 2010.

Can you help?

We are seeking URBAN MINERS to find unused and forgotten household items and donate them to SNKC for the garage sale. Items may be dropped off at the clinic during normal business hours (M-F, 8-5 and S, 9-12) or you may contact Tamara via email at to make arrangements. We will be accepting donations through July 17th.

We are also interested in volunteers who are garage sale gurus and can help us make this a HUGE success. Volunteers will be needed to help sort, price and display items and man the sale. Again, contact for more info or to sign up today!

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Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Update, 9/22/10: Miss Emma has been adopted!


Meet Miss Emma, a dark gray/chocolately brown Basset Hound/Labrador Retriever mixed breed dog. This photo was clearly taken in the winter (hello, snow!), so methinks this senior gal has been at her foster home for quite some time now. Perhaps you’ll allow her to retire to your place?
Photo courtesy Black Dog Rescue.

This week’s adoptable is Miss Emma, a senior Basset Hound/Labrador Retriever mix who’s looking for a forever home in which to spend her golden years:

Hi my name is Emma. I’m a 10-year-old Lab/Basset Hound mix. I’m a very sweet girl and love people so much. I weigh about 45lbs.

I love lounging around and being lazy. I like cuddling with my foster mom and enjoy my food and bones.

I’m looking for a retirement home where I can just enjoy my life and not be bugged by rambunctious youngsters. I do fine with cats and fine with other mellow dogs.

If you are looking for a nice companion, who is willing to just be lazy with you, I might be what you’re looking for. My adoption fee is $50 and I’m part of the Adopt A Senior for Life Program. If you think you might be interested please email my friend Shirley at blackdogrescue [at] or give her a call at 816-446-6737.

I have had all my shots, including rabies, and I am spayed, dewormed and microchipped. Cool right?

Emma is currently staying with Black Dog Rescue, a foster-based rescue group in Kansas City. Check ’em out on Facebook and inquire about the beautiful Miss Emma today!


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Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Update, 9/22/10: Dex, Gus, Maia & Jessi’s listing is no longer available on Petfinder.


A white ferret crawls across his (her?) foster parents’ bed. Photo courtesy the Kansas City Ferret Hotline Association and Shelter.

This week’s featured adoptable(s) is rather unusual; while I oftentimes highlight bonded pairs of animals who need to be rehomed together, and occasionally feature large groups of animals (mice, usually) who are in need of separate homes, I’ve yet to see four animals who must all be adopted together. But this is exactly the case with Dex, Gus, Maia and Jessi, a group of bonded ferrets who are seeking a forever home, together.


A pair of ferrets mug for the camera. Photo courtesy the Kansas City Ferret Hotline Association and Shelter.

These furballs are currently being offered for adoption by the Kansas City Ferret Hotline Association and Shelter, who has this to say about the group:

This is a friendly, energetic group of ferrets. Since they are bonded, we would prefer to send them to a forever home as a group, Dexter (1 1/2 yrs), Gus (1 1/2 yrs), and Maia (4 yrs, F) as adoptions and Jessie (4 1/2 yrs, F) as a foster. All like to be held and carried around, especially the girls. Gus and Dexter are VERY playful with you, each other and dogs. Though they don’t bite, they may use their teeth when playing. They are, however dominant males and don’t get along well with other males. They use litter boxes in their cage and usually, not always, use puppy pads when out & about.

If you have room in your home and in your heart for this group of pals, get in touch with the Kansas City Ferret Hotline Association and Shelter today!


A white and gray ferret looks as though (s)he’s about to attempt an Evel Knievel-type jump off the edge of his (her?) foster parents’ bed. Photo courtesy the Kansas City Ferret Hotline Association and Shelter.

Also, a bonus listing from the Humane League of Philadelphia:


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