An update and a new beginning: Kansas City ReUseIt!

August 7th, 2010 11:40 am by Kelly G.

Hey all –

I just wanted to thank everyone for the words of support and understanding that I’ve received in the past several weeks. After closing the list, I avoided checking my email for a few days, afraid of what I might find awaiting me. With only a few exceptions, everyone has been terribly kind and supportive – for which I cannot adequately express my gratitude. I’ve emailed many members privately, but have also decided to post this open letter on so that all former KCF members can read it.

A few members have graciously offered their advice and/or services, or expressed an interest in running KC Freecycle. Unfortunately, when a group is deleted from Yahoo, it’s permanent and nearly instantaneous. The good news is that one of our former moderators has already set up an another “free reusing/recycling” group, ReUseIt Kansas City. It’s quite similar to the late Kansas City Freecycle, but with a smaller (for now!) membership, fewer rules and just a more relaxed atmosphere in general. Probably she won’t need additional moderators for a few months or so, but if you’re interested in joining or perhaps helping out in the future, you can check it out here:


Along these lines, she also transitioned the old Chat Cafe into a chat list for the new group:

I’m a member of each group, so maybe I’ll see you around?

Until then, be green – and thanks for all you do! 🙂

– Kelly

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