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Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Update, 9/22/10: Chance’s listing is no longer available on Petango.

Chance shines in the spotlight! YouTube video via Wayside Waifs.

When I saw Chance’s silly smiley face in Wayside Waifs’ latest newsletter, I knew immediately that he’d be this week’s featured adoptable! Chance is an adult male Labrador/Retriever mix who has been through quite a lot in his relatively short six years. Here’s Wayside Waifs with the details:

Name: Chance
Animal ID: 10516932
Breed: Retriever, Labrador / Mix
Age: 6 years
Gender: Male
Color: Black / White
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Size: Large


Chance mugs for the camera. Photo courtesy Wayside Waifs.

Meet Chance! This senior Retriever mix is one of the coolest dogs you’ll ever meet. He came into Wayside when his owner feared for his safety and wanted him to find a loving home of his own.

The reason his previous owner worried about his safety is that Chance has one tiny bad habit. He chases cars. Since his owner didn’t have a fence, Chance put his life at risk everytime he would chase cars. In fact, Chance was run over twice by a vehicle, but this tough guy lived to tell the tale. This guy is more like a cat with his nine lives.

Chance is one cool dog. He loves pretty much everybody he meets. He loves other dogs, and we were even told that he was affectionate and loving with the cats he lived with. In fact the cat in the house would curl up with Chance, and they would nap together. He has lived with children and done well. Of course, he prefers children that are respectful of him and are always kind to him. Chance’s previous owner said he was a wonderful dog. When his mom was sick in bed, he would slowly creep into bed with her. He would like lengthwise in the bed and put his arm over his owner as if he was bear hugging her!!! What a sweetie pie!

We were also told that Chance is boat savvy, and he loves to swim. His previous owner took him on their boat whenever they could, and Chance would swim until his heart was content. Then he would climb back in the boat when he had enough! His previous owners said their favorite characteristics about him was what a playful, cuddley, fisherman he is, and that he is a distinguished old man.


“Won’t you please, please bring me home with you!?” Chance’s big brown eyes implore. Photo courtesy Wayside Waifs.

Chance is housetrained, and he knows “sit, ” “stay, ” “down, ” and “shake.” He also knows the term “babies” for his toys and go “night-night.” Chance was a well loved dog, and he will make a special family very happy! Is that family yours? Come see for yourself!

You can learn more about this beautiful guy on Petango, or go to Wayside Waifs’ website for additional adoption details.

FYI: The Delaware Street Dog Parade is just a few short weeks away! There’s a $10 registration fee which will go to support Wayside Waifs:


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Thursday, May 20th, 2010


Aggie the orange and white Domestic Short Hair cat.
Photo courtesy The Pet Connection.

Yes, my fellow freecyclers, I may be a day late (having taken advantage of yesterday’s semi-dry weather to get some lawn mowing done), but luckily, I’m not an animal short. This week’s featured adoptable is Aggie, a beautiful-on-the-inside-as-well-as-the-outside, special needs, senior cat in need of a second forever home.

She’s currently staying with The Pet Connection in Mission, Kansas; here’s what her foster people have to say about Ms. Aggie:

Domestic Short Hair – Orange And White
Small | Senior | Female | Cat


She is Aggie; hear her roar!
Photo courtesy The Pet Connection.

Name: Aggie
Reason for staying at The Pet Connection’s home for pets: Aggie was recently returned to TPC after being in her home for 8 years.
Veterinarian examination notes: She recently has become deaf but still is a very sweet girl.
Special Physical Traits: Yellow stripes
DOB or Age: 5/1/98
Activity Level: Low
Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor
Good with strangers: Yes
Good with adults: She is very social and loving.
Good with Dogs: –
Good with Cats: She currently lives with 2 other cats, and does well with them both. She was slowly acclimated to the house and the other animals, and is doing great so far.
Good with Children: She would do best in a home without children.
Likes: Treats, catnip, soft materials
Does not like: –
Food: Aggie has stomachitis and is on a special diet.
Favorite Toy: Catnip, rubbing posts
Housetrained: Aggie is litterbox trained.
Any behaviors that need improving: –

You can find out more about Aggie, The Pet Connection and its adoption process on Aggie’s Petfinder listing.


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Thursday, May 13th, 2010


Princess Cinderella, a tan and white, ex-show pony.
Photo courtesy Second Chance Pet Adoptions.

For our final adoptable of the week, I’ve decided to feature another less traditional animal companion, as horses and goats and pigs (oh my!) are usually harder to find in the Midwest – and Second Chance Pet Adoptions in Kansas City, Missouri, just so happens to have a pony available for adoption at this very moment!

Meet Princess Cinderella – a Shetland pony.


Princess Cinderella
Small | Adult | Female | Horse

Princess Cinderella is a 7 yr old Shetland pony. She is a very sweet girl, But just needs a little one to ride her. Her little girl just moved up to horses and can no longer show her. She has been shown in lead line and done well. She is very gentle around children and easy to groom and clip . She stands great for the farrier. Loads and hauls well in the trailer. We have been working on driving her. She seems eager to learn. She does have diabetes. Which is very manageable. Really you wouldn’t know she had anything wrong when kept on her feeding schedule. So we are looking for someone that will keep her on Safe choice feed and hay that isn’t to rich in protein. The grass is to rich for her so she needs to be kept in a dry lot and only out to eat grass for a short period each day. Her adoption fee is $400.00 she is current on her spring shots and has a current coggins. Please email petsaverdc [at] if you are interested.

Poor Cinderella – discarded like an old baseball mitt once she no longer “fits” her “owner.” That doesn’t sound like any way to treat a Princess, does it!? Let’s help this dear lady find her Prince Charming, mkay? Spread the word, freecyclers – perhaps one of your friends or acquaintances is in possession of Princess Cinderella’s glass slipper?

My cheesy fairy tale allusions, they will not stop until Cinderella has been adopted. This is my vow to you.


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Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Update, 9/22/10: Billy’s listing is no longer available on Petfinder.


Billy the Kid. Literally: Billy is a goat! Okay, almost literally; Billy is an adult goat. Tomato, tomahto. Photos courtesy S.T.A.F.F.

As with yesterday’s uber-adorable Cinnamon and Ghost, today’s featured adoptable is currently being cared for by S.T.A.F.F. in Laurie, Missouri. (In fact, it was Billy I was searching for when I stumbled upon the listing for Cinnamon and Ghost! But I digress.)

Billy is – how should I say this? – a less traditional companion animal; he’s a goat, you see! Billy is the closest goat to Kansas City who is current available for adoption, in point o’ facts. Farmed animals just aren’t very popular companions ’round these parts, I guess. But again, I digress.

Here’s what S.T.A.F.F. has to say about lil’ Billy boy:

Billy the Kid
Medium | Adult | Male | Barnyard | Pet ID: S-4516

Billy the Kid is approximately 2 years old. He has been under the care of STAFF since 4/5/10. Call STAFF at 573-374-2629 for more information.

Not very detailed, I’m afraid, but if you’re searching for a goat to adopt, Billy may be your guy. Plus, just look at his cute lil’ body!:


My heart, it’s melting! Goats are the ship.


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Tuesday, May 11th, 2010


Cinnamon (left) and Ghost (right), a bonded pair of Shar Pei and Samoyed mixed-breed dogs. Photos courtesy S.T.A.F.F.

Owing to a rather stressful few weeks, I’ve neglected to update the Featured Adoptables on these here pages since (*cough*) late April. To atone for my absent-mindedness, I bring you triple (well, quadruple) the cute, furry, awesome adoptable-ness this week. That’s right; I’ll be here through Thursday, folks!

Let’s kick things off with Cinnamon and Ghost, a bonded, must-be-adopted-together-no-ifs-ands-or-buts, pair of ex-stray dogs from Laurie, Missouri. Yes, I know; Laurie is a good 2 1/2 hour drive from KCMO proper – but when I read Cinnamon and Ghost’s sad story, I just had to share. I hope y’all will agree, and these poor kiddos will be in their forever home this time next week. After a two-year wait, they sure deserve it!

First up is the dogs’ joint listing on S.T.A.F.F.’s home page (S.T.A.F.F. = Society for Treatment of Abandoned and Fractured Friends):

These two wonderful dogs were abandoned by their owner who drove both dogs to an old dirt road and left them there, they fought for survival together, they took care of each other, they became the best of best friends. When they were finally brought to STAFF by a caring soul we could see that they needed each other. Both of them have lived together in the same kennel for the past 2 years because they just can’t tolerate being apart. They are wonderful dogs and they have been in the shelter for over 2 YEARS! We have considered several times adopting them out separately but we just cannot bring ourselves to tear them apart

This is their prayer:

“Dear God, Are you still there? Do you remember us? You guided us to STAFF 2 years ago when we were abandoned and lost. We know people say you have a purpose for most everything. We both became best of friends when we were on our journey of abandonment and we just cannot be without each other now. We think our friendship must be part of your plan. We have waited so long. Can you help us now? We have seen you help so many of our friends here at STAFF and we are hoping it is our turn soon. We hope you see us being good so you will bring us a family. Please help us God. Please… Amen.”

Do you or someone you know have room in their home and heart for these wonderful dogs? Two years in a shelter is so very sad…

Please give us a call at (573) 374-2629.

And here is each dog’s individual listing on Petfinder:


Shar Pei [Mix]
Medium | Adult | Female | Dog | Pet ID: S-3458

Cinnamon is a very sweet dog. She was found running on the highway with her friend Ghost. No owner has been found. Her estimated DOB is Jan. 2006. Cinnamon has been at STAFF since 1/19/08. Please call STAFF at 573-374-2629 for more information.

Cinnamon is up-to-date with routine shots and spayed/neutered.


Samoyed [Mix]
Large | Adult | Male | Dog | Pet ID: S-3459

Ghost is a very nice dog. He was found running on the highway with his friend Cinnamon. Ghost’s estimated DOB is Jan. 2006. He has been at STAFF since 1/19/08. Please call STAFF at 573-374-2629 for more information.

Ghost is up-to-date with routine shots and spayed/neutered.

If you can help this adorable little couple out, please get in touch with S.T.A.F.F. ASAP – or else I might just beat you to the punch! (Kidding! I wish I could adopt them, but I already have a full house over here.)

Even if you can’t adopt Cinnamon and Ghost, please spread the word; let your friends, family and contacts know about their plight. Two (out of four) years is much, much too long to spend waiting, waiting, waiting…waiting to go home. Worrying that it will be solo.


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