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Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

Update, 6/9/10: W00t! Bandit and Mystery have been adopted!


Bandit (right) and Mystery (left) go for a swim. These furry little ferret friends are white and sable in color, respectively. Photo courtesy Harley’s Angels Pet Rescue.

Bandit and Mystery are so terribly cute that I couldn’t choose between the two. Hence, this week I’ve two Featured Adoptables for you (- which is quickly becoming par for the course, I might add. So many animals, so few homes. But lest I digress towards the depressing…)

So allow me to introduce you to Bandit and Mystery, a pair of furry ferret friends from Harley’s Angels Pet Rescue in Louisburg, Kansas.

Bandit is all white with a little bit of silver. He is very friendly and likes to sniff ears. He is a great pet. His adoption fee is $50. Please email us at harleysangelspetrescue [at] for more info or pics.

Mystery is a beautiful sable girl. She is super super sweet. She is fine with other ferrets and likes cats and dogs. Her adoption fee is $50. Please email us at harleysangelspetrescue [at] for more info and pics.

While Harley’s Angels doesn’t specify whether the two are a bonded pair and must be adopted together, if ferrets are your companions of choice, why not consider adopting both Bandit and Mystery, as they evidently get on well together?

Of course, if ferrets are not your “thing, ” Harley’s Angels also has a number of dogs and cats in need of forever homes, too!


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Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Update, 6/9/10: Oreo’s listing is no longer available on Petfinder.


Oreo the (what else?) black and white cat. Photo courtesy Half Way Home Pet Adoptions.

Because I totally flaked out and forgot about the Featured Adoptables column last week, I’m doubling up with another animal today! Like Smores, Oreo also hails from Half Way Home Pet Adoptions in Raytown, Missouri. Unlike Ms. Smores, Oreo is a dude – and a cat.

Though I didn’t mean to continue on with the food-themed names, Oreo’s story touched my heart; this little guy deserves a loving home to make up for the loss of his family, both human and feline.

Gentle Oreo came to us with a companion of his, Suzie Q. He was surrendered because of allergies in the family. This sweet boy might be a bit older than some of the cats we have, but his gentle nature is his strong suit. Won’t you give this older guy a chance at a loving home once again? Come see Oreo today.

On the glass is half empty/half full side, it appears that Suzie Q has already been adopted – without poor Oreo! (I cannot for the life of me find her listing on Petfinder.) If you can give dear Oreo a loving home – perhaps with a new feline friend – in which to spend the rest of his days, get in touch with Half Way Home today. But. You might still ask Half Way Home what became of Oreo’s sister, as the group doesn’t list all of its available animals on Petfinder. Perhaps Suzie Q is still at the shelter, too.

And remember: Half Way Home will be at The Kansas City Pet Expo this Saturday and Sunday, April 17th and 18th, along with a number of other local animal rescue groups, as well as KC area businesses that cater to nonhuman animals and their guardians. A full list of exhibitors is available here.


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Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Update, 6/9/10: Smores’ listing is no longer available on Petfinder.


Smores the chocolate Labrador retriever mix. Photo courtesy Half Way Home Pet Adoptions.

Summer’s a-coming, and what better way to start the new season than with a little Smores? Smores the dog, that is!

Super fun-loving, outgoing, playful and energetic! Smores also has a very sweet and cuddly side. You get the best of both worlds with her. An active companion, always in a good mood and ready for a good time with the family, and a loving and affectionate sweetheart, eager to keep you company on the couch and relax with her loved ones….. What more could you ask for?

More pictures of Smores ->

UPDATE: Oh no! Smores has been at the shelter too long now and nobody sees her…. Shelter life is taking its toll on her, not to mention that keeping her longer only means that other dogs must give their life to make room. Unwanted animals arrive daily. We are full! We don’t have a choice… It’s not our fault and its certainly not the fault of a friendly dog like Smores…. Please come and help her…. She’s begging you…

New Pictures of Smores ->

Smores is currently staying with Half Way Home Pet Adoptions in Raytown, Missouri. Half Way Home functions as the municipal shelter for Kansas City, Missouri, and thus takes in a large number of animals – not all of whom they’re able to save. By adopting from this kill shelter, you are literally saving a life.

You can find out more about Half Way Home here, visit them at the The Kansas City Pet Expo this weekend, April 17th and 18th, and view all the adoptable animals currently listed on Petfinder by Half Way Home here. Not all of their adoptable animals are available for viewing on Petfinder, so please visit the shelter to meet all of the animals. And of course, you can find Smores’s Petfinder listing here.


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