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Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Update, 6/9/10: Quincy has been adopted!


Miss Quincy, a brown and gray colored cat, pokes her finely coiffed head out of a basket. The Cuteness! Photo courtesy Greycat Adoptions.

I’m on my way to a dentist appointment this morning (and expect to be somewhat out of it when I return), so we’ll need to make this quick! Meet Miss Quincy, a gorgeous little kitty in need of a home. While she no doubt adores her rescuers at Greycat Adoptions (located in Kansas City, MO), it’s time for this girl to find a place of her own!

Writes Greycat,

Quincy is a beautiful young girl. She is quiet and gentle, we think she would be good with quiet children older than toddlers. She doesn’t really like other cats but tries to stay out of their way instead of fussing with them. She was abandoned in a neighborhood and had been outside for awhile. She came right to us when we spoke to her. She was very thin and very hungry.She has no desire to go back outside it was very very cold when she came inside.We think she was born in April of 2009.

Can you help this pretty lady? If so, further details are available on her Petfinder listing. Ciao!


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Wednesday, March 24th, 2010


Sport, a senior, brown-and-white Arabian horse.
Photo courtesy Animal Rescue League of Iowa.

This week’s featured adoptable hails not from Kansas or Missouri, but from Iowa. Sport – a handsome senior Arabian horse – is currently staying with the Animal Rescue League of Iowa, which is about a three hour drive north of KCMO.

Why so far, you ask? Well, I like to highlight a less traditional adoptable animal every now and again; and while some species, such as rats and mice (i.e., “pocket pets”), are less commonly available for adoption than cats and dogs, they’re still somewhat easy to find in the Kansas City area. “Farm” animals and “livestock” such as horses, goats, cows, and pigs, not so much. As these animals are less likely to be kept as “pets, ” they’re also less likely to pass through the shelter/animal rescue system.*

Previously, I’ve featured adoptable animals from the HSMO’s Longmeadow Rescue Ranch, as well as a handful of “farmed” animals available for adoption through smaller rescue groups. This week, I thought I might highlight a shelter that, though it may be located out of state, is still a rather short distance to drive if you’ve your heart set on adopting a new hoofed friend! Enter: the Animal Rescue League of Iowa. And Sport, of course!

Location: ARL Main
Name: Sport
Ticket Number: 7075329
Reference ID: 12129
Pet Type: Livestock
Date Available: 8/28/2009
Age: 32 Years
Gender: Gelding
Breed: Horse, Arabian
Special Needs: None
Reason for Arrival: Needs new environment
How Animal Arrived: Owner surrender

Sport is a handsome senior who is looking for a home in which to spend his retirement. He is about 32 years old and a gelding. He is available at ARL Main and can be seen by appointment. If you are interested in meeting him or learning more about him, please contact Judy at jhand [at] or (515) 473-9112.

Visit to learn more about the Animal Rescue League of Iowa and find a more extensive list of the shelter’s adoptable animals.

You can learn more about Sport through his listings on Petfinder and ARL-Iowa.

ARL-Iowa is also home to two other adoptable horses, Marquis and Silver Bullet, as well as a motley crew of goats, donkeys and pot bellied pigs.

* Speaking of, did you know that Rep. Jim Viebrock (R-Republic) has introduced a measure to the Missouri House of Representatives that would legalize the slaughter of horses for human consumption in the state of MO? To find out more about H.B. 1747 – and ask the Missouri House to reject the measure – please see the following action alert: Show Me Missouri – Show Me Horse Slaughter?.


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Wednesday, March 17th, 2010


Long John Silver, the three-legged, white and lilac pit bull sweetie. Photo courtesy Missouri PitBull Rescue.

I am totally in love with this week’s featured adoptable. I know, I know; I express some variation of this sentiment every week, and every week I mean it. But today I’m 150% for serious. I mean, just look at this pretty pittie mug!


Long John Silver – so named because he’s missing his left hind leg – is a young (under a year old, though you’d never know it from his already-formidable size!), lilac and white male pit bull who found his way to Missouri PitBull Rescue after a brief stint in the local pound. MPR fixed the little guy up, gave him a foster home in which to recover, and is now trying to find LJS a forever home. Perhaps that’s….you?

Here are Long John Silver’s stats, all pulled from his listing on (see:


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Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

Update, 6/9/10: Junior’s listing is no longer available on Petfinder.


Junior the orange domestic short hair tabby mix. Photo courtesy FMA Animal Hospital.

Poor Junior! As a homeless kitten, he was cared for and eventually adopted by a human couple…who later asked a vet (that would be the good folks at FMA Animal Hospital, I presume?) to euthanize the lil’ guy – just because he caught the feline leukemia virus during his time living on the streets! While FeLV is not curable, it is treatable, and FeLV+ cats can live long and enjoyable lives. However, to prevent the transmission of FeLV, it’s best not to house FeLV+ cats with those who do not have the virus. Hence, Junior will do best as an only cat, or in a multi-FeLV+ cat household. But, lest I get ahead of myself, here’s FMA Animal Hospital with the details:

Hello! My name is Junior and I am approx. 18 months old. I was a stray in a neighborhood for a few months until a nice couple began feeding me and earned my trust. I was brought inside when it got cold out and was told I had a forever home with them. When it was time for my first doctor visit for vaccines and neutering I tested positive for the FIV virus. At first the couple was ok with it and even started vaccinating their other kitty against it. For some reason the family changed their minds and ordered that I be euthanized. Thank heavens for my friends at FMA- they decided I deserved a good home and they are going to let me stay with them until a new mommy or daddy- or both- can be found for me. They say I am way to nice of a cat to be discarded like trash just because I am “SPECIAL.” If you are willing to love a boy like me please give Andrea a call and she will set a time to come for a visit. Adoption fee $50.00

If you’d like to give this special guy a second (third?!) chance at life, get in touch with the FMA Animal Hospital today!

Oh, and do visit Junior’s Petfinder listing, where you can see a video of the cutie pie playing with a shiny new toy from FMA! Cat bless the internets, yes?


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Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010


Skittles the gray dwarf rabbit. Photo courtesy LJ’s Briar Patch.

Meet this week’s featured adoptable, Skittles the dwarf rabbit. Gray and white in hue, she may be appear less colorful than her rainbow-esque namesake, but methinks she was so named for her colorful personality. (That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!)

Here’s what her foster people at LJ’s Briar Patch have to say about Skittles:

Skittles is a spayed female approx. 2 years old. She is little girl who knows what she likes. She likes attention, but she will need to get to know you first. She does not like to be picked up or held, and is somewhat cage protective, so an alternative to cage living would be a dog exercise pen which would help Skittles with this problem. She does not like parsley, but loves all other veggies. Litterbox habits are so-so, but improving daily. Skittles would be a good bunny for older kids or an adult only home looking to help this little one become a member of their family.

If you’d like to adopt this lil’ lady, give LJ’s Briar Patch a holla today!


Skittles the gray dwarf rabbit. Photo courtesy LJ’s Briar Patch.


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