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Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

Update, 3/17/10: Lincoln’s listing is no longer available on Petango. Let’s hope this means happy tails for this old boy!


Lincoln the yellow Labrador Retriever / Greyhound Mix. Photo courtesy Wayside Waifs.

Meet Lincoln, this week’s adoptable, whose writeup on Petango is almost as big as his large, wiggly, yellow body! Wayside Waifs included Lincoln in its latest “Waif of the Week” newsletter; hopefully his story will inspire one reader to bring this beautiful boy home and make him a Friend for Life.

Name: Lincoln
Animal ID: 9258700
Breed: Retriever, Labrador / Greyhound Learn more
Age: 7 years 2 months
Gender: Male
Color: Yellow
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Size: Large

When you think of what makes up the perfect dog, what do you imagine? Do you think of a dog that gets along well with other dogs? Yep, that’s me. How about a dog that likes an old cat? True dat. A dog that likes kids? Bam, me again! A dog that is gentle, laid back, and affectionate? Me! Me! Me! A dog that loves car rides! Guess who? A loyal and loving companion? Hello? Do I have to say it? Don’t make me say it, because I now sound like a broken record, and I’m even annoying myself I’m so perfect.

Hi, I’m Lincoln, a very handsome and dapper lab/greyhound mix who is looking for his forever home. I hit the jackpot while at Wayside when I first arrived as a transfer from a different shelter. I was given the opportunity to stay in a foster home for awhile after my surgery (more on that later), and well, things have been going swimmingly for me ever since. Foster Dad (FD) has done nothing but sing my praises.

My foster family has a 5 year old beagle/corgi mix plus a 16 year old cat! Beagle and I play together some, and FD says it has been nice having me in his home because I’ve been “good company” for his dog. We do play some – both inside and out in the backyard – but I grow tired of that after 5 or 10 minutes. Beagle and I have never had any problems eating together, either. Now, on to the CAT – well, Ole Girl Cat is nice enough and a great addition to their family, but you know, I’m not that interested in her. She leads her life – I lead mine.

I’ve also got some great kids to call my own while I’m in their home. They are between the ages of 6 and 9, and I’m just very laid back around them. FD says that well, you know, kids can get a little crazy, but that doesn’t stress me out in the least. I always want them to pet me, and I’m really very sweet and gentle around them – I don’t jump up on them, either. My 9-year-old girlfriend has even taken me on walks, and while I pull just a bit on leash, she does quite a fine job of walking me. My daily walks last about 30 minutes or so, and I love them, but I’m not the kind of guy that has to have a huge amount of exercise.


Lincoln the yellow Labrador Retriever / Greyhound Mix. Photo courtesy Wayside Waifs.

I do know some commands. Sit, stay, down, and no are all in my repertoire. FD is working on getting me to “heel” when we walk, and I’m learning very quickly. I’m not a big lover of playing games or anything like that – I’ll play a little tug of war with you if you want, but really a more favorite past time of mine is just lolling around and chewing on my kong (please include peanut butter, thank you).

Because of my surgery, I had to start off wearing a cone around my head when I moved into my foster home, so I wouldn’t lick my incision. Believe me, those cones are just not fun at all…my Wayside friends laughed at me, and they refer to it as the “cone of shame” from the movie, “Up.” Sigh. Anyway, everything is all healed up, and I’m just fine, and thank goodness, no more cone in my life! However, because if that, FD hasn’t worked with me on crate training during this time. FD says that they have left me in the house alone for up to about 2 hours, and I haven’t done anything bad in the house – I’ve got what you call ‘manners’.

At night, I sleep in the room with the ‘rents, and I’m quiet and sleep through the night. When I do need to go outside, I either head to the door, or I’ll walk up to you and let you know. When I want to come back in, I give a little bark. FD said that is the only time he has heard me bark actually. I don’t dig or jump fences, either (their fence is 8 feet tall). While I love the backyard, if my family is home, I want to be inside enjoying their company.

I also just love my people friends. I like to be where you are…..leaning into you, asking for you to love on me. Since I’m pretty laid back, just being in the house, in the “mix” so to speak, makes me so very happy and content. I can lie on the floor right next to my kids and watch tv, and well, I’m in heaven.

FD says that he thinks I would do well in a whole bunch of different home environments. A place with other dogs or no dogs, a cat, kids or no kids, or all of the above…..any or all of it would make a guy like me very, very happy.

I hope my story makes you want to meet me. If it does, will you contact Wayside Waifs, and they can get us hooked up? My FD will talk to you about me, too. I love my foster digs, but I won’t be able to stay here forever – I need my own family. Do you…..maybe, just maybe……need me? Love, Lincoln

For more information, please go to or check out Lincoln’s listing on Petango.


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Wednesday, February 17th, 2010


Mamma Mia, a lovely black and white calico cat, shows off her Mardi Gras beads. (Now that her kittens are raised, it’s time to play!) Photo courtesy Every Cat Counts.

I am smitten with Ms. Mamma Mia – and I hope you will be, too! After giving birth to seven kittens and seeing her whole family come through the shelter system alive, Mamma Mia deserves a home of her own. Her kittens have all been adopted, and now it’s time for mamma to find her own forever home as well. Besides, at one to two years of age, she’s practically a baby herself! (Kids having kids, when will end!)

Here’s what Mamma Mia’s rescuers at Every Cat Counts have to say about the dear little lady:

Size: Medium
Age: Adult
Sex: Female

Momma Mia was on her last day at a no kill shelter with her 7 babies when she was rescued. Her babies were around three weeks old. Mamma Mia was the best mom in the world. Now that all of her babies have been adopted, she is ready for a forever home of her own

Some MAMMA MIA facts:

1. Mamma Mia is very laid back. she loves to be where ever you are.

2. She gets along with other cats and dogs.

3, Her most favorite place is on the top position on the cat condo. I often find her laying on her back with one leg hanging over the side. Or she may try to reach out and grab you as you are walking by. She wants to get attention from you.

4. She is so funny. She will play forever , it seems, with a lazer light. She would be a great companion to share your life with.

5. She is around 1-2 years old, put still acts like a kitten when the mood strkes her.

6. She’s great with the litter box.

7. Mamma Mia loves to be brushed. She loves it because she is such a glamorous girl. And you know how us girls are. We’ve got to keep up our looks.

8. She’s been spayed and had all her shots. She’s also feline leukemia and FIV tested NEG.

9. Mamma Mia is also microchipped.

10. She really needs and wants a forever home. Just to make sure, how about a two week trial adoption?

Perhaps this lovingly crafted adoption listing is part of the reason I’m so taken with Mamma?


Mamma Mia models her Ms. Claus costume. Photo courtesy Every Cat Counts.

The flashy outfits don’t hurt, either.

If you feel the same, get in touch with Every Cat Counts today!


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Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

Update, 3/17/10: Rosie has been adopted!


Rosie the red, green, yellow, blue and black Rosella Parrot.
Image courtesy Burge Bird Rescue.

It’s been quite some time since I’ve featured a feathered adoptable on these here pages. Meet Rosie, a Rosella Parrot. Rosie lost her man and is need of a home.

Medium * Adult * Female * Bird

Rosie is a former breeding hen who lost her mate. Her age is unknown, but she seems to be in excellent health. Although she is probably not tame, she is quiet and should be able to get along with other birds in an aviary. She is on Zupreem pellets.

Our birds are not available for breeding. Potential adopters must call for an appointment, and must pass a screening interview to ensure that our birds are going to a safe home. Adoption fee $50.

Such a sad story, and just before Valentine’s Day. Perhaps you can help poor Rosie out? If so, get in touch with her foster guardians at Burge Bird Rescue ASAP!


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Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

Update, 3/17/10: Sugar and Sassy’s listings are no longer available on Petango. I hope this means that they’ve found their forever home – together, of course.


Sisters and ex-puppy mill dogs Sugar (left) and Sassy (right). Photos courtesy of Wayside Waifs.

Seeing as Carter was a repeat visitor to our featured adoptable column, I decided to blog about double the animals this week. It’s only fair, right?

Actually, make that triple the animals: meet Sugar and Sassy, a pair of miniature poodles (siblings, at that!). Rescued from a puppy mill, these older ladies spent most of their lives confined to small cages, kept perpetually pregnant, producing litter after litter of pups (“products”) for their “owners.” Now retired, these girls need a safe and loving home in which to live out their golden years – together, of course!

Currently staying in Wayside Waifs volunteer foster homes, they are both listed on (here is Sugar, and Sassy). The listings are basically the same (though Sassy is a few years younger than her big sis); so instead of excerpting each description, I’ll just highlight Sugar’s:

Name: Sugar
Animal ID: 9445431
Breed: Poodle, Miniature
Age: 10 years
Gender: Female
Color: White / White
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Size: Small


Meet Sassy and Sugar! These adorable little girls were brought to Wayside from another shelter after they were sprung from a puppy mill. They spent their entire lives so far being mill mamas – in a cage, producing litter after litter of puppies to be sold in pet stores with little human contact or love.

Because of their horrendous conditions in their lives, they are not well socialized yet or housebroken. They will need someone with patience and time to gain their confidence, show them love and work on their potty training. With the right humans these gals will just blossom! After coming out of a mill, dogs will require a lot of work but usually are just normal dogs after a few months. They’re ready to go home (together!) and be spoiled and pampered – they deserve it!

Be sure to ask about our senior-to-senior discount if you’re 60 or over!

Sugar is currently in a foster home. If you are interested in meeting her, please contact Wayside Waifs to arrange a time to meet.

If you’d like to open your heart and home to these lovely ladies, please visit or call Wayside Waifs today!


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Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

Update, 9/22/10: Sadly, Carter passed away on July 2, 2010.


Carter, a yellow, wrinkly, smiley Shar Pei dog. Photo courtesy Best Friends and Shar Pei Rescue.

Best Friends Animal Society recently sent out an adoption notice for Carter, this here Cream Dilute Shar Pei dog, on behalf of his foster angels, Chinese Shar Pei Rescue of Kansas City, Missouri. If Carter looks familiar, it’s because he is (or should be!) – we featured him on the KC Freecycle blog back in August! Carter is still available adoption; and, since this “differently-abled” guy needs a little extra help finding a family to call his own, this is the least I can do.

Well, wait. Not exactly. Best Friends has put together a cute little flyer that you can hang around town, on community billboards and such, in order to help Carter find his forever home. Please print out a few copies and hang them wherever dog lovers congregate!

Breed: Shar Pei

Location: Kansas City, MO

Sex: Male

Age: 1+ Year Old

Description: Carter is a purebred cream Shar Pei. He is a calm dog and very congenial. He likes other dogs and cats; he loves to play, chew bones and mimic the other dogs. The beautiful dog has neurological problems likely caused from brain damage at birth. He has been shuffled from home to home because of the care he needs which is mainly the need to be physically carried outside and carried inside. He can walk but it takes a while for him to get up and then his balance is shaky and awkward. He is best on carpet and rugs; loves to be outside on nice days. He is housetrained and will crawl to the door if he needs to go out. He deserves a loving home! A small rescue in Kansas City got him off Craigslist and hasn’t been able to find him a home. His foster mom can no longer keep him because of upcoming surgery and the difficulty she is having in carrying him. Please give this wonderful dog a chance at a good life. The love Carter will give someone will be the reward for caring for him. He is a sweetie.

Also, please bookmark and/or share dear Carter’s Petfinder listing.


Carter frolics in the green spring grass. Photo courtesy Shar Pei Rescue.


Average Rating: 4.4 out of 5 based on 273 user reviews.