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Wednesday, January 27th, 2010


Pippy the white, beige and gray dilute calico cat. Photo courtesy Furry Kids.

Furry Friends Rescue must have a volunteer amateur photographer on hand, because their foster fur-kids’ photos all look like they were pulled from the pages of Cat Fancy or something. So many photogenic animals, so hard to choose!

But choose I must; Pippy it is!:

Pippy was rescued in the country where she was left to fend for herself. She is shy but very sweet and would love a patient person who has the time to give her all the love she deserves. She will make a wonderful, loyal companion. She has a very beautiful coat!

Pippy is about 4 years old and is spayed, vaccinated, tested, dewormed, microchipped and her $85 adoption fee includes a 2 week trial adoption period to ensure everyone’s happiness! If you’d like to give Pippy a great home, please fill out our application via our website at, click on ‘Adopt A Cat’. Once we receive that, we will be in touch as quickly as possible. Thank you for your interest in Pippy!

If you’re interested in meeting Pippy, stop by the Petco in Lee’s Summit (at 50 Hwy and Chipman Rd. in the shopping center next to Target) between 12pm and 5pm this Saturday. Furry Kids holds an adoption day there every Saturday. Come armed with a stack of newspapers for the kittens!


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Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Update, 2/10/10: Woot, woot, Sherman has been adopted! (By a nice Sasquatch family, no doubt!)


Sherman the snow-dog. Photo courtesy Animal Haven.

This week’s featured adoptable is a tank. Errr, Yeti. Errr, Abominable Snowman. Retriever Mix? All of the above?

Whichever breed/species Sherman hails from, one thing is certain: he’s five stones+ of pure bliss. Or is that boulders? Meh, who cares. He’s a big hunk of adorable, and that’s all you need to know!

Here’s what the good folks at Animal Haven to say about ol’ Sherman:

Sherman is a BIG boy (he may have been named after the tank!). He is a happy-go-lucky fellow who loves to meet new people. His needs are simple: food & water, a nice cozy bed, an outdoor spot to potty, and a family who loves him. He does well with dogs and cats, as long as he has a chance to get to know them. His favorite toy is a chew bone, so be sure to have plenty of those handy. This guy is house trained and will do great with just about any family (though any kids in the house should be at least 8 years old). Sherman is ready to move into his new lifelong caring home, so come meet him today!

To get in touch with Sherman’s temporary guardians, visit his Petfinder listing or go straight to Animal Haven’s website.

Kinship Circle - 2010-01-15 - Haiti's Animals - We Hear Their Cries,  Help Is Coming 01

One of many stray/feral Haitian dogs.

By the way, I’ve been wanting to say a little something about the recent earthquake in Haiti, but…words escape me. Really, there’s not much to say. Instead, I encourage you to give what you can to help the millions of people who have seen their homes destroyed, their families torn apart, and their lives uprooted by this natural disaster (which was/is being exacerbated by centuries of oppression and exploitation resulting in crippling poverty).

For a list of nonprofit organizations providing assistance in Haiti, see:

CNN: Impact Your World

Haiti Earthquake Relief: How You Can Help at the Huffington Post

Charity Navigator: Help Survivors of the Earthquake in Haiti

InterAction: InterAction Members Respond to the Earthquake in Haiti

Also, Kansas City @ has an ongoing list of local events, activities and fundraisers to assist with the relief efforts in Haiti.

Finally, the many nonhuman inhabitants of Haiti and the Dominican Republic will need aid in the upcoming weeks, months and years as well. While not much has yet been written of anticipated future animal rescue efforts, you can find an excellent summery here. A number of animal welfare groups have joined together to form the Animal Relief Coalition for Haiti (ARCH). Spearheaded by The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) and The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA), at the time of this writing, the following animal advocacy groups have joined ARCH: American Humane Association (AHA), American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), Best Friends Animal Society, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and Humane Society International (HSI), In Defense of Animals (IDA), Kinship Circle, and the United Animal Nations (UAN).

Of course, I encourage you to research any and all organizations before making a donation; check that is legit, will use your money wisely, and is consistent with your beliefs. A few good resources in this regard are Charity Navigator, the American Institute of Philanthropy, and the Better Business Bureau. Be wary of email and telephone solicitations.

Thanks much – and stay shiny, people.


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Wednesday, January 13th, 2010


The Lawrence Humane Society always seems to house the cutest small and furry rescue animals!

Case in point: Clyde, one of seven rabbits currently up for adoption at the Lawrence HS.

Clyde is a very sweet bunny who was found abandoned by his owners and brought to the Lawrence Humane Society by a caring citizen. He’s a very strong-willed bunny and is a little shy, so he may need a patient owner to take time to get him used to being loved and handled by people.

There is a $15 adoption fee for this bunny.

While spaying/neutering of pet rabbits upon adoption is not legally required in Kansas, the Lawrence Humane Society strongly advocates spaying and neutering all pets.

Spaying/neutering can have a number of benefits for pet rabbits – improving health and temperament, reducing problem behaviors, and ultimately helping to reduce the rabbit overpopulation problem. Read more about the benefits of spaying and neutering here. Since well-cared for rabbits live anywhere from 8 to 12 years, spaying/neutering is an excellent investment best discussed with your veterinarian.

This is just one of many rabbits at the Lawrence Humane Society who are looking for a home right now. Come visit this bunny and many others in the handheld pets room!

To learn more about Clyde and his friends, check out the Lawrence Humane Society at


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Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

You have reached the Kansas City Freecycle website! It is not to be confused with the Kansas City Freecycle Yahoo Group! While the same collective of folks maintains each, the two sites serve different purposes.

Here, you can find documents (rules, Netiquette, etc.) applicable to the KCF Yahoo Group. We also maintain a blog (the most recent posts of which appear right below this here welcome message), as well as a blogroll with links to local buy/sell/trade groups, environmental organizations, and the like. You cannot post OFFERs and WANTEDs here, nor do we respond to questions left as comments on individual blog posts. (You can, however, find the moderators’ contact information here.)


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Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

Update, 2/10/10: Lil’ Mac has been adopted!


Poor Macadamia! His little sister Almond found her forever home more than a week ago, and left Mac stranded at the Leavenworth Animal Welfare Society. Not that they aren’t good people and all that jazz, but a guy’s got to have a bed of his own to snuggle into at night, especially with all these blizzards we’ve been getting. Know what I mean?!


Macadamia and Almond

10 weeks old

Mac and Allie are beautifully marked orange tabby kittens. They have the gorgeous large swirl pattern. They have wonderful personalities and love to be loved on.

They have been spayed and neutered and are current on vaccinations for their ages.

Please consider one or both of these kittens.


These two wonderful kittens have developed their own very unique personalities. Allie (Almond) is the most social. Her favorite place is on your shoulder. She will jump to any place high enough to then leap to you. She craves attention and always wants to be where the action is!.

Mac is very friendly as well, but he is more laid back. He enjoys being held and petted, but is not as pushy about it as his sister.

Both get along well with other cats and are not bothered by dogs.


UPDATE: Allie has been adopted. Mac is still waiting for his forever home.

If you can help a kitten out, hop, skip or jump on over to the Leavenworth Animal Welfare Society’s Petfinder page and inquire about Mac today!


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