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Tuesday, June 30th, 2009


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Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

Update, 7/29/09: Chauncy has been adopted!


Chauncy is one of approximately 33 puppies and young adult dogs seized from a so-called “hobby breeder” in Branson, Missouri. The backyard breeder did not provide his dogs with required medical treatment, neglecting them to the point that local animal control stepped and and seized most of the dogs. Outrageously, he was reportedly allowed to keep four adult females and one adult male in order to continue his breeding operation.

Local rescue groups were unable to take in many of the dogs, as they had all been exposed to parvovirus, a contagious and fatal disease that can kill up to 80% of infected puppies. Thus, several foster/breed rescue groups – German Wirehaired Pointer Rescue, Inc., Midwest Pointer and Weimaraner Rescue (Midwest PAWS) and German Wirehaired Pointer Rescue KY – stepped in to help save the puppy mill survivors.

Along with a number of her siblings, Chauncy is staying with the good folks at German Wirehaired Pointer Rescue, Inc. Of her, they write:

I’m Chauncy and I am a dilly! Mom says I had better behave myself! I don’t know if I can do that as I am just 8 weeks old, but a lot of fun. I am a good baby and need a loving home. I am getting some tremendous medical care and thriving! I look a lot like Beckham! and Molly too!

Here’s a video of all the pups playing together in their new foster home:

As for their most rescue puppy mill rescue efforts, German Wirehaired Pointer Rescue, Inc. has been recording the pups’ progress here:

Thursday May 21st was a day I had hoped would never come. Local rescuers emailed with an urgent plea for help in placing 27 GWP and GSP pups that had been taken by ACO’s in Southern MO. With no time left, we all banded together in an effort to save these sweet dogs that had suffered in deplorable conditions. We had 12 hours to work with until they would all be euthanized.

Local shelters could not take them in as one of the six week old puppies did die from Parvo. GSP Rescue-Midwest Paws and GWP Rescue, Inc along with two wonderful local rescue groups have all worked together to provide an isolation area for 10 days, Vet Techs are treating the babies in their homes with IV fluids, and Emergency Staff at the University of MO vet hospital are standing by. Puppies are 8 months GSP and wire, 3 months wire, 2-3 month old GSP and 8 weeks old. So far the only babes to break with parvo are the 8 week old pups.

GWP Rescue KY is set up to handle some, Ks GWP Rescue will take some here, and GSP Rescue Midwest Paws that took in the MO 75 two months ago when their puppymiller burnt his kennels to the ground will all be providing sanctuary. Please send a donation, or offer to foster/adopt/come over and help in the Kansas City Area. At this time, pups are not well enough to fly, drive long distances. While we appreciate offers to help from groups on the East or West Coast, we at this time have the situation under control. The possibility exists in the future.



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Saturday, June 13th, 2009


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Friday, June 12th, 2009


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Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

Update, 9/9/09: Hanna’s listing is no longer available on Petfinder.


Meet Hanna, this week’s Featured Adoptable! Hanna is a black cat; black cats, much like black dogs, can be harder to adopt for myriad reasons: in a shelter setting, they can be easily overlooked, due to their dark coloring; those who subscribe to superstitions surrounding black cats may shy away from adopting them; etc.

Luckily Hanna found her way to Kansas City, Missouri-based Newborn Rescue,

a licensed, non-profit 501(c)3, no-kill, foster home based operation, dedicated to the rescue and care of abandoned, unwanted, and neglected companion animals. We are experienced caregivers for companion animals specializing in neonatal kittens and some puppies. Since we opened in 1999 we have rescued and foster hundreds of newborn kittens and puppies most under 2 weeks in age when they came to us, where the mother had died, run off or was unable to care for her babies. We hand raise 90% of all our rescues, this takes a lot of time, effort and money, but every life deserves a chance.

According to Hanna’s foster family, she is

a wonderful Black Domestic Shorthair female. She is very loving and playful with lots of personality. You’ve heard the saying about black cats “what they lack in color they more than make up for in personality” and “Black cats make the best pets” this is so true of Hanna.

Hanna was just a kitten (about 4 months old) when she was tossed out on to the streets to fend for herself after her people moved away suddenly, being a smart girl she made her down the block to a cat friendly house where she was rescued and brought to us.

Hanna has a small athletic body so she won’t be very big about 8 to 10 pounds. She has short silky black fur and big gold eyes that turn a bright green when she gets excited, she was born in June of 2008. She has lots of energy to play with another cat, she likes dogs and of course she loves people. The top of the cat tree is her favorite place rest, she also loves to cuddle, sit and watch TV with you and sleep with you.

She has great house manners and very good litter pan habits; she uses a scratching post and not the furniture.

We do a full medical check up on our rescue pets so you get a pet that is healthy and ready to be a part of your family. Hanna tested negative for FIV & Feline Leukemia & ear mites, she was treated for worms as a precaution and she had all her kitten vaccinations and her rabies, she is flea free and she is spayed, over $200 in vet services are all ready done so you don‘t have to do a thing but love her.

Hanna is staying at a foster home in south Kansas City, MO where she has other cats and a dog to play with, she wants to find a loving forever home, please find room in your heart for her.

The adoption fee is $25.00
Please email us for an adoption application.
This kitten/cat must be an Inside only cat.
No kitten will fly or be shipped to a new home.

Hanna is up-to-date with routine shots, house trained and spayed/neutered.

If you’d like to adopt Hanna – or one of the other cats currently staying with Newborn Rescue – you can view a full list of the group’s adoptable animals here.


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Wednesday, June 10th, 2009


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Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

Update, 7/29/09: Duchess & Darling’s listings are no longer available on Petfinder. I do so hope this means they’ve found their forever homes.

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Dutchess and her daughter Darling have seen some rough times; they were abused by their former “owners, ” and were rescued by the McPherson County Humane Society, of which they’re now wards. Mother and daughter want desperately to stay together, but they need a loving home and caring angel to make that happen.

And oh yeah, did I mention that Dutchess and Darling are ponies?

Hi, my name is Dutchess. Both my daughter and I were rescued by the McPherson County Humane Society. We were horribly abused but are doing much better now. We need to find a place to live but because of our condition cannot live in a grass pasture. We would like to remain together so if you have a place for two beautiful girls please contact the McPherson County Humane Society.

Dutchess is up-to-date with routine shots.

McPherson, Kansas is located about 190 miles (that’s a three-hour drive) from Kansas City, Missouri. Since ponies aren’t as easy to find as cats and dogs (or even rats!), that’s a short distance to drive to find your forever pony-kid, I think!

If you’re interested in adopting these two gals, check out the McPherson County Humane Society’s Petfinder page.


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