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Wednesday, April 18th, 2007

Due to a rash of animal postings, I thought a reminder might be in order. Animals are still not – and never will be – allowed on Kansas City Freecycle.

As always, when you have a question or concern about the rules, you can:

1 – Read up on the latest version on our website at

2 – Email the moderators at kcfreecycle-owner [at]


1 – Assume that a rule has been changed, or that something is a-ok, just because you see other members doing it. Most members are not on moderation, meaning that their emails are sent directly to the list when they post them. I.e., the mods do not read and review *every single message* before it’s allowed on to the list. Thus, you’ll occasionally see some inappropriate postings…which the mods also see, and deal with privately, off-list. Just because you didn’t see someone receive a strike/warning and/or be put on moderation, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

2 – Post your questions and/or snarky comments to the list. Please email the mods off-list rather than start a discussion here.

3 – Email members who post inappropriate messages privately to castigate them. Just let us know what’s up (if we haven’t gotten ’round to it already), and we’ll handle it.

If you need an animal that you need to place in a new home, or if you’re looking for a furry friend to adopt, please see our list of shelters/rescue groups at is also an excellent resource.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled freecycling!

– Kelly G.
KC Freecycle List Owner
kelly [at]

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