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Sunday, February 11th, 2007

National Pet Theft Awareness Day 2007.jpg

You might be wondering what the heck National Pet Theft Awareness Day has to do with Freecycle, so allow me to ‘splain.

Every year Last Chance for Animals sponsors a National Pet Theft Awareness Day. While LCA’s definition of “pet theft” includes the obvious examples – literally, a thief who steals your dog, cat, snake, etc., from your home, yard, car, or whatnot – actions that we might not otherwise think of as “theft” are included as well. For instance, if an individual were to respond to your “free to good home” ad and promise to give your beloved Fluffy a good, loving home, and then turn around and sell her to a research lab – well, that’s pet theft. To be more specific, theft by deception. And it’s one of many reasons why we do not, under any circumstances, allow members to request or offer animals of any type on KC Freecycle.

For more information on our no-pet policy, please see our shelter page. You’ll find guidelines on adopting out an unwanted animal yourself, as well as a list of resources that can help you place your animal in a good home. If you’re looking to adopt, you can search the local shelters and rescue groups by type of animal.

Another great resource, which I’ve used with much success in the past, is Pet Finder. It allows you to search for a specific type of animal (if you want to adopt a furry/feathered/scaled friend) OR view a list of rescue groups in your area (if you need to rehome and animal). In fact, I recommend it over our shelter listings, simply because the groups update the information themselves!

In this vein, if you notice a mistake in any of our listings (or know of an organization that we’ve overlooked), please let us know. You can contact me personally at kelly [at] kcfreecycle [dot] org.

If you’d like to spread the word about National Pet Theft Awareness day, visit for more information, as well as a slew of campaign materials.

Oh, and happy Valentine’s Day, too!

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