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Thursday, June 15th, 2006

Please remember that we do NOT allow any type of discussion on list. Whether you’re flaming the moderators or supporting them, at the very least your message will be deleted and your account will be placed on permanent moderation.

If it doesn’t directly relate to keeping items out of landfills, don’t post it. If you’d like to contact the moderators directly, please feel free to do so at kcfreecycle-owner [at] yahoogroups [dot] com.

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Sunday, June 11th, 2006

This is a new worm, and our board has received several messages today. Unfortunately, there’s not alot we can do, but to remove the messages, and put the people on moderation so we don’t get more of them. Fortunately, Yahoo is stripping the attachment so there is no harm from these messages you get from KC Freecycle.

As always, never open an unidentified or unexpected attachment, and keep your virus software up to date.

KC Freecycle CoModerator

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Sunday, June 11th, 2006

Good morning everyone!

Well, we’ve finally made our final decision, and now have a moderator for each day of the week! The decision was hard, as there were some great applicants.

Cristy and Danielle have joined us, and today is Cristy’s first day moderating, so be kind!!!

Anyway, as always, you can reach Cristy, Daneille, and any other mod, by their firstname [at] kcfreecycle [dot] org or all of us at kcfreecycle-owner [at] yahoogroups [dot] org.

Thanks again,
KC Freecycle CoModerator

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Friday, June 9th, 2006

In addition to the wanteds on any day (one post per member a calendar week!!!), the moderators have decided to make a couple more changes.

#1 – Members are not allowed to include signatures or “sigs” in their group-related emails. Please just sign your emails with your name (and it doesn’t have to be your full name, either – just whatever moniker you go by), and refrain from advertising your business, linking to your web site, including your children’s names and ages, etc. The former violate our “keep it free rule, ” while the latter poses safety concerns.

#2 – Responses to wanteds with a tip on where to buy an item are not appropriate. It does not keep anything out of the landfill, so we ask that you no longer respond if you do not have the specific item to offer for free to the poster.

Initially, an infraction will get a warning, the message removed or returned to you. Repeated problems will have you placed on moderation. If it continues to be a problem, we will issue you a strike.

KC Freecycle CoModerator

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Tuesday, June 6th, 2006

Good morning everyone!

Just wanted to let everyone know, that we have brought on one new moderator. Sheree has joined us, and today is her first day moderating, so be kind!!!

Anyway, as always, you can reach Sheree, and any other mod, by their firstname [at] kcfreecycle [dot] org or all of us at kcfreecycle-owner [at] yahoogroups [dot] com.

Thanks again,
KC Freecycle CoModerator
ann [at] kcfreecycle [dot] org

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Saturday, June 3rd, 2006


Every now and then an unmoderated member posts a message which is against the Membership Guidelines of KC Freecycle(TM). When a member who is not moderated posts something, it immediately goes out to all the members who receive individual emails. All the mods can do at that point is to delete the message from the group site, and put the poster on moderation to prevent future errors by that member.

We don’t want to moderate the whole list, because the problems are really pretty rare, and there’s no sense in slowing down everyone’s messages to prevent those few from slipping through.

So, if you receive a message that is outside of the Freecycle mission (pet ads, for sale/trade, seeking jobs, personals, anything illegal or adult, or general chat or bashing), you might want to check the group site to see if the message has been deleted. If it has, know that the moderators have it under control.

One more thing… please don’t comment about these inappropriate messages to the whole list or else we will also have to put you on moderation, too.

Thank you!

Your KC Freecycle Moderators

kcfreecycle-owner [at] yahoogroups [dot] com

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Thursday, June 1st, 2006

There seems to be some confusion among some members lately, about what Freecycle(TM) is really about. So, here is my interpretation.First, what Freecycle is NOT about.

  • Freecycle is NOT about giving only to the poor.
  • It is NOT about getting as much free stuff as you can.
  • It is NOT about getting things to earn money on the side.
  • It is NOT about getting rid of junk that is better off in the landfill.
  • It is NOT about having other people cater to you because you have transportation issues.

Freecycle IS about keeping things out of the landfill.

It IS about giving away something that has no use in our life anymore to someone who could extend its usefulness a little longer.

It IS about giving gifts to people while clearing out our own clutter.

It IS about community.

When you post an offer, you are offering to give someone a gift. It is up to you to give this gift to whomever you feel would be the best recipient. You are not obligated to give your gift to someone who is rich, poor, single, married, has no kids, has 1 kid, has 15 kids, has a car, doesn’t have a car, or has a purple octopus named George living in their backyard. You can choose the most polite, the rudest, the funniest, or the shortest response to receive your gift. You can put their names in a hat and do a draw, or you can wave your magic finger over your screen and pick one that way. You can choose the first, 3rd, or 53rd respondent. It is up to you.

When you post a wanted ad, or respond to an offer, you are requesting a gift. For example, if there are over 1000 people on this Freecycle list, this gives you roughly a 1 in 999 chance of getting the item you are asking for. It’s not the greatest odds, and you know what, just because you are rich, poor, single, married, have no kids, have 1 kid, have 15 kids, have a car, don’t have a car, or have a purple octopus named George living in your backyard, does not mean you are more worthy of receiving a gift from a fellow Freecycle member than the average person living down the street. Sending emails that don’t include please or thank you are one way to not receive an item. Sending emails with nasty comments in them are one way to find you in a bit of trouble.

We are a community. In every community, there are people who don’t get along. And in most communities, when 2 people don’t get along, they just avoid each other. To do that on Freecycle, all you have to do is set up a filter to send any email from someone you don’t want to hear from straight into you trash bin. If you need help with that, let me know and I can help you. So, just remember: If you’re offering a gift, it’s up to you who gets it. And if you’re requesting a gift…well, be patient. Your turn will come eventually, but if you’re not careful your name could end up on a ‘will not give to’ list.

Thanks So Much!

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