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Sunday, May 28th, 2006

UPDATE, 11/28/6: We’ve had a number of members submit questions to us using the “comments” function on individual blog posts. As previously stated, the “comments” section on this website should only be used if you have a relevant comment on one of the individual blog posts (particularly this, the first one). General questions about the KC Freecycle Yahoo Group should be directed to the list moderators via email (contact info here). Comments that do not pertain to the blog post to which they were submitted will be deleted.


Greetings, Freecycle ™ members. Welcome to the new (!) KC Freecycle website, now in blog format. Most of the materials that were previously located on our Yahoo Group site have been moved to this web site exclusively. This includes links to local KC area buy/sell/trade groups, enviro groups, and safety and recall info, as well as many of our list documents and instructions for joining the list. These links and documents can be accessed via the menu on the right side of this page. —>

Though the KC Freecycle moderators will still communicate with list members using the Yahoo group, this blog provides an additional means of communication. Feel free to check in every now and again to find out about site updates, events, and KC Freecycle in the news. However, this is entirely optional; all important ADMIN messages will be sent out to members on the Yahoo group first and foremost. For your convenience, you can also subscribe to our RSS feed using any RSS software, such as Bloglines or NewsGator.

For those who are unfamiliar with the blog format, you can learn about blogs at

Have a fun Freecycle ™ experience!
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